Take risks and fail forward. Create art that matters, art that makes people laugh, and art that starts a conversation.

Our Philosophy - Take risks and fail forward. Sour Dog Theatre

I've worked with Sour Dog Theatre on numerous occasions over the past two and a half years. I'm blown away by their creativity, hard work, and desire to create accessible theatre that features emerging artists. From the work on stage to the "pound the pavement" attitude when it comes to marketing, I can't express my gratitude for all they have done. I look forward to seeing what amazing work they'll create going forward.

Andrew Phung (Kim's Convenience, The Beaverton)

I was a bit tentative the first time I went to Missed Connections, fearful of uncomfortable silences or lulls in the performance. But after going once, I was hooked and take any opportunity I can to check it out. The actors are all so incredibly talented and quick-witted. They always manage to take scenes in surprising directions, adding to the hilarity of the act. Audience participation is encouraged at specific points in the performance, which creates a sense of camaraderie and strengthens the engagement of the crowd. With all performances being completely improvised, each experience is unique and wildly entertaining. Missed Connections is, hands down, the best way to begin (or end) any night.

Alex Funke

I have grown over the past two years into a frequent attendee of Sour Dog Theatre productions. The venue, Loose Moose Theatre, is comfortable and intimate. Each show I have been to, the audience feels very much connected with the actors and content. I would highly recommend this very talented group to others.

Jess Herzog