Your Support Matters, Thank You!

It is extremely important to us as a company to change an unfortunate standard in theatre by paying all our actors and creative teams. We value our artist's time and hard work, and we have made it our mandate to create a professional work environment to create top-notch theatrical performances, even while not being an equity theatre. We firmly believe artists deserve compensation for their work. As working artists ourselves we know you can’t pay rent, or buy groceries with “exposure."

Your donations will go towards production costs, as well as making sure our artists get paid. It is extremely difficult to make a living as an artist, so any donation makes a world of a difference. Just how much work goes into a production? At least 120 hours of rehearsal, 50 hours of tech, and for us, anywhere from 9-18 hours of performance. That is roughly 182 hours of work, and we don’t want those hours work to go undervalued.

Bring Sour Dog To The Office!

We offer three distinct workshops for your employees.

Team Building

This is a fun and interactive way to encourage cooperation and positive energy in the workplace.

We focus on embracing failure to "fail forward." We help you create a safe and positive environment where everyone can laugh out loud together while developing new and successful co-operative skills.
We believe that learning how to inspire the people around you will make for a more productive and enjoyable space to work.

Creativity and Innovation

Using improvisation techniques, this workshop inspires creativity and innovation in any environment. We guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised by the ideas you and your team can come up with on the spot. We are all creative, we just need the tools to unleash our genius!

Presentation and Public Speaking Skills

Is it more feared than death? Let's remove that fear!

We all know getting up in front of an audience and making sh*t up while trying to be funny is TERRIFYING, but the rules of improvisation were set in place to diminish fear. Our team of experienced improvisers and public speakers have the tools and experience to help you move past your fear of public speaking and equip you with confidence and technique. We guarantee a positive learning environment where we applaud failure and work towards success.

We bring the show to you!

Enliven your next event with a live professional improv show. We bring Calgary’s top improvisers to your event and leave your crowd in stitches from laughter. You get to reap all the compliments on being so smart! We can curate a live improvised show for any event theme, audience size, and venue.


Corporate Sponsorships are an important part of the fiscal health of theatre in Canada and Sour Dog is no exception!

We are eager to work with patrons of the arts who want to get their name in front of our audiences.
Based on the variety of shows we produce in a year we can tailor a package that helps you meet your objectives. From presenting sponsor of a run to an annual donation for operations, let’s talk!

Our hit show Missed Connections is currently looking for a province-wide presenting sponsor.
We are travelling to Calgary, Canmore, Edmonton and more in 2017 – ask how we can take you on the road with us!

To start the conversation please contact Artistic Director Ali Froggatt 403-869-3022

New Work

We must always keep creating! We at Sour Dog Theatre are huge advocates for new work in theatre. Whether that be a new format for an improv show or a brand new play by an emerging or experienced playwright, let’s explore together!

Theatre is social commentary, a way to connect and a way to learn about each other as individuals and as a community. We’ve seen the classics done classically and we are hungry for something NEW. We want to create a platform where we can share fresh perspectives and tell untold stories. There's so much talent and skill in this wonderful country of ours, so let's keep creating new Canadian content!

I've worked with Sour Dog Theatre on numerous occasions over the past two and a half years. I'm blown away by their creativity, hard work, and desire to create accessible theatre that features emerging artists. From the work on stage to the "pound the pavement" attitude when it comes to marketing, I can't express my gratitude for all they have done. I look forward to seeing what amazing work they'll create going forward.

Andrew Phung (Kim's Convenience, The Beaverton)

Have a fresh perspective on an old tale? A untold story that deserves to be seen and heard? Submit your new work proposal to us and we can get talking